Today is New Year’s Day.  As always, I start with every intent on having a solid “word” for the year.  And I hope I don’t dissappoint by saying, it is now late in the evening, and that “Word” has not yet come to me.   

I did however skim over the scriptures in Genesis 1, in search of the perfect “Word”.    Yes, I did skim!  Don’t judge.   But while skimming the chapter in the New Century Version I noticed these word repeated throughout…

Genesis 1….”Evening passed, and morning came.”

Every time there was a new day …. “Evening passed, and morning came.”

Then God worked something else new ….then “Evening passed, and morning came.”

Then God created something else new … then “Evening passed, and morning came.”

Then God spoke something new into existence….then “Evening passed, and morning came.” 

Day after day without fail.  “Evening passed, and morning came.”

The year behind me had many unexpected twists and turns.  Going into 2017, I didn’t know what that year would hold.   I’ve laughed some days, but then…Evening passed, and morning came.  And I’ve cried some days, but then …. Evening passed, and morning came.  I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.

Whatever this year holds…let’s face it, the future remains unseen.  But 2018, we have new chapters to write about on 365 clean, blank pages.   God is just getting started.  And He is so creative.   And His mercies are new every morning.   

Evening will pass, and morning will come.   You can count on it.  (Goodnight, and Happy New Year.)



As I sit and stare at the computer screen, enjoying marsh mellows with a little cocoa at the bottom … I see one thing, a blank page.   It’s white … it has nothing on it … it’s void of any thing … it’s blank.

Of course I can’t help but think of the day when we first began to accept our walk with the Lord.  In the church world, we called that – the day we were saved.  The day when God looked at your sins – and saw that His Son, Jesus had wiped the page clean.   Do you remember?  The first time that you felt the tug on your soul.  The first time you knew there was someone, not just anyone, but Jesus, who loved you.

As I look back over my own walk…I’m afraid, that over time, things – people – places – ideas – tragedy – arguments – crisis – careers – loss of loved one – grief – sadness – houses – cars – money – church – (and you can go on and on), have filled up our empty tanks, leaving Jesus near the bottom somewhere.  You understand … leaving Jesus at the bottom – where we found Him!

You remember.  You may have asked Jesus to come into your life at a very young age.   Many do because at a young age our spirits and souls are pure and less polluted with all those things.  But chances are, if you were not young, then something in your life (see the above list) brought you to a place where you were at the bottom.  That’s where we find Him.  At the bottom.   If you have never come to the bottom… (I’ll move on quickly).

But at the bottom – life is pretty dim.  Very little light is there.  That’s why it is often there that we meet Jesus.  He becomes the very light – sometimes the only light that pierces that space of darkness.

We are more open and vulnerable to his invitation to the life that He offers – from the bottom.  What comes next is that He allows us to walk through all the things of this life with Him.  He doesn’t want to stay at the bottom.  He takes us by the hand, and begins to help us with … the things – people – places – ideas – tragedy – arguments – crisis – careers – loss of loved one – grief – sadness – houses – cars – money – church.

We no longer walk alone.  He is there.  He is where you are today.

Someone is reading this today thinking…

I remember a long time ago.

I remember when I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

I remember that feeling, knowing that He was going to take care of me.

I remember enjoying learning about Him and having a child like faith – that with Him, everything was going to be alright.

I remember feeling free.

I remember feeling joy.

I remember.

But maybe now, I have lost those things in my life.

Is it possible that along the way – you left Him.

Somewhere near the bottom of that long list.

It’s sad to think about.

But there is good news.

As I write these words – there is still hope for you.

The good news is that Jesus is still there.

Right where you are today.

His hand is still stretched out to you.

He’s willing to pick you right back up.

The good news is – if you haven’t hit bottom yet – you don’t have too.

Jesus is the Redeemer.

The Restorer.

The Rescuer.

The Reviver.

The Resurrection.

Take His hand again.  Do it today.  Today is the day of salvation.  Place your hand in His.  Tell him that you may have left Him along the way, but today is the day of your salvation.   Look at it this way.  All that Jesus is and all that He has, He offers to those who follow Him.

You remember…He didn’t last very long in the tomb.

You remember…The grave could not hold Him.

You remember….The tomb was not His final resting place.

You remember…He was resurrected.

So what He has – it is yours today.

Resurrection can come to your life today.

Resurrection can come to your home today.

Resurrection can come to your marriage today.

Resurrection can come to your crisis today.

Resurrection can come to your finances today.

Resurrection can come to your family today.

Resurrection can come to your job today.

Resurrection can come to your health today.

Resurrection can come to your friends today.

Resurrection can come to your church today.

It’s who He is – no need to wait a moment longer to give Him your life.

This is your life.

Today is your day.

Oh…and don’t forget about that blank page….as you can see from this post… when God sees a blank page – He’s also very capable of filling it with good things!  So it will be with your life.  Filled with the good things that God has for you.  And if you think He can’t make good from all the bad…just wait and see.   I dare you.



“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom ….” Proverbs 4:7KJV
This morning during a very brief devotion, this passage popped into my mind.  In fact, it’s not the first time that I have wondered about this passage.  Let me try to be brief about this….
As I turn on my radio (youtube), my smart TV, my laptop, my tablet, my phone….I am bombarded with information.  Tons of information.  Leaking in on every corner of life.  Today we live in a world that is on overload. An overload of all kind of information.  Things that were never even mentioned behind closed doors while I was growing up, are now discussed everywhere, anytime.  Everyday.  All day.    And today at the swipe of a finger, we can find out anything and everything about so many people.  People.  Lots of people.  And information.  Lots of information.
And I understand that we live in an age of information…lots of information.
But what about wisdom?
And are they the same thing?
Possibly not.
Information is in abundance
Wisdom on the other hand ….maybe not.
Information is fast and furious.
Wisdom is slow … and takes time and work
Information gives us the headlines
Wisdom gives us the foundation
Information is not good or bad.  Information is not against you, nor for you.
Wisdom on the other hand…will guard you, watch over you and honor you (see verses 6-8).
So here’s just a thought while we’re all scrolling through tons of information, ask yourself “where is the wisdom in this?”


Today I want to approach a very gripping subject. Actually, it’s a subject that I’m not sure that I have ever written about, and hope that I never feel the need to write again after last night, but who knows.   In all honesty, I’m not even sure how to begin.  So I will jump right in…forgive me for not giving an opening story to set the tone.  I don’t know how to do that today.

As recent as last night I went to a drama that portrayed the fight between God and evil.  I admit I was personally a little apprehensive about going, but I didn’t know the whole story line. I can be extremely sensitive to things of this nature – I always have been.   Because my friends are aware of my little nuances …. as I was walking in, my friend looked over at the stage already set, and leaned down and said…”you’re going to see hell tonight”.   And in a manner of a half hearted joke….I said….”this will be the only time, because I’m not planning on going”.   I wasn’t really joking.   I felt the sincerity and weight of my own words.

As the night progressed, so did the intensity of the drama and the war on humans by evil forces.  I’m finding it hard to put it all into words. There were testimonies of people whose lives had been deceived by the lies of the enemy, and they found themselves in the throes of an eternal hell.   There was fire.  There was smoke.  There was screaming.  There was deception.  There was a very real sense of evil. As I checked my Fitbit on my arm, my heart rate was at 104.

At one point I wanted to run out of the door.   Not because I don’t believe I am saved, or because I don’t know Christ as my Savior, because I do….but I couldn’t stand the screams of the people.  I couldn’t stand the sound of the voice of satan.   It felt like pure evil.  I wanted to be as far away from that moment as possible.  The main reason I wanted to leave was because I knew the actors on stage were just acting, playing parts, and that the music had intentionally been amplified to make the drama appear real.  There was that sense…that it was real.   It was eery, it was unnerving, and deep down you felt it…it was real.

There was literally a moment when, like a child, I looked down at my lap, and I put my fingers in my ears to keep from hearing the sounds of hell.  I was a little embarrassed, but not nearly as embarrassed as I was frightened.  It was too much – it was all too much.  Hell was too much.   And it was too long – it all lasted too long.  Hell lasted too long.  I couldn’t feel the presence of the Lord for a brief moment.  It was horrible.  For some people, that scene will be a reality, forever.   Those stories of people who were deceived …those stories will be real stories.   The heat and smoke….that will be felt by some.  I could go on, but for your sake, I will stop.

It was all too much.  And so it is with hell.   It will be too much.  Too much of all that you were never originally designed to experience.  You were not designed for hell.  You were not made to live in that torment.   You were not made to hear those sounds.   You were not made to feel that heat.  You were not made to be with evil, in that way.  Hell was not designed for you.

So today, if there is the smallest reservation in your mind of whether there is a heaven or hell… I ask you to ere on the side of caution.  If you’re not sure whether you believe the story or not, please heed the notion that there is a Savior who loves you and designed you in His image so that you don’t have to worry about the throes of hell in the hereafter. I ask you to whisper a prayer to the One who is victorious over all that is evil. Jesus.  Tell Him that you know you have sinned in your lifetime, and that you want Him to be Lord of your life.  Tell Him that you don’t want to spend eternity in hell.

And after you have prayed this prayer….do your family, friends and neighbors a favor.   Pray for them to never have to experience hell either.  It’s hell…it’s not made for you…don’t make plans to go.


Recently I bought a rug.  Just a rug to catch my feet every morning.   A rug to make my morning flight into the day, a little softer.  In fact, to tell you the truth, when I went shopping, I wasn’t even shopping for a rug.  However, I did know that every morning when my feet hit the cold hard floor, I needed something to brace me for the day ahead.  So I pulled up to a place that sold rugs….and there it was.  On top of the pile, of course.  And the clincher was … yellow.  Bright, deep yellow.   Very impressive.  The kind that pops out of the stack of all the others.    So because I am so analytical….I said to myself, surely I can find a rug like this somewhere else.   I’d like to know all my options before committing to this one rug.   And then the searching began.   I’ll not bore you with the details, except that several hours later, with aching feet and legs exhausted, I called the owner back and said….I want that yellow rug.

You see, I knew what I wanted – the minute I stepped out of the car and I laid my eyes on it.  But I am accustomed to searching out options, mulling over things, weighing in on the pros and cons, exhausting all resources…..then I can make a decision.  (sometimes this process is not bad depending on what it is I’m doing).  However – let’s be real.  This was a rug!

So the salesman was talking me through it, and I said….I love the rug.  The caution is that I’m not sure that it will match the wall color of the room.  He kindly offered to let me take it home for free, first, and check the color, and return it if it didn’t match.  I laughed and replied….”You’re a good saleman!  You know if I take this home, I’m not going to bring it back, I’ll just buy it” and we laughed.  But I told him that I thought the color was too deep and too bold to match the color of the room.   It was beautiful, but it was too dark of a yellow.  And he said, ‘well that’s easy, the way this rug is made, the shade of yellow looks different, depending on where you are standing.  And he flipped the rug around, and sure enough….there was a lighter more subtle shade of yellow.  Perfect.

I bought the rug.   My feet thanked me this morning when they softly hit the floor.  I’m happy that I bought not any rug – but this rug.  It’s classy and beautiful.  I smile when I see the yellow rug.  You get the point.

But the real point is this…. Doesn’t life look different when you take the time to look at it from another angle, and not just another angle, but someone else’s perspective.   If the color of life is looking a little too bold right now ….change your position.  Or at the least, listen to another perspective.  Sometimes it helps to not walk away without taking another look from a different angle.

You know that a lot of days in life, can hand us real tough decisions, that require much more than deciding what color of rug to buy.  Let’s be real – I’m really not talking about the rug at all.  I’m talking about allowing other people to add a little perspective to your situation or circumstance.  And by all means, if you don’t like the rug – then don’t buy it.  But we can always listen to another perspective and let it shine a light onto our own situations.   Life may look a little softer from a different angle.

Because life is tough.

We all need people to help cushion the weight of those tough days.

And sometimes we don’t always get the rug that we want….

And sometimes we do!


Just recently I started a walking program.  The daily goal is to have at least 8,000 steps a day.  As I know many people who are already doing this, and doing this well….I’m still getting the hang of it.  As of right now, yesterday was my best day at a little more than 7k.  I’m fairly happy with that, even though it’s short of 8k a day.  Depending on the kind of work you do, the errands you have to run, and how active you are, 8,000 steps is an easy goal for most.  But the other day, I took a quick lap around the lake on my break at work, and while I was huffing in the door headed back to my desk, a co-worker said to me … Candy, getting these steps in every day isn’t that easy, is it?  I admitted that it was not, as I slumped over the kitchen counter to catch my breath.  

Here’s the clincher… Last year I used a similar walking program that counted steps.  But the counter also counted ‘other activity’, which could later be converted to walking steps.  So in some small way, there was a little wiggle room.  Just say I walked 3,000 steps but had 45 minutes of other activity.  I could convert that to maybe 3,000 more steps.  It was great to be able to do this.  It allowed me to cheat.  But with the new system, there is no wiggle room.  There is no cheating allowed. It is….what it is!  You walk 3,000 steps … You get 3,000 steps.  Trust me.  I tried sleeping with the step counter on one night … and the next morning, when my feet hit the floor, it started at “1”.   

I assure you that I will not obsess about this new gadget.  After experiencing some very real health issues, my focus is never just to hit 8k steps, my focus is completely on my health.  Some days I will check in at 7k…others 3k.   And it is…what it is.   And there is no more cheating with converting activity to steps.   If I walk , I get steps…if I don’t walk, I don’t get steps.  After I finished chemo and radiation in 2015, I started asking specialists …what can I do, should I exercise? Should I lift weights?  Should I Diet?  Should I take vitamins?   And more than one specialist said …. Walk!   Walk!   Walk!    No weights, no specific diet plan, no special equipment….just walk.   

So I walk.  And I am constantly reminded of the passage in the bible where Joshua took a city by bringing the wall of the city   of Jericho down.  And how did he do that?   The Lord said to Joshua in chapter 6 “March around the city”.  Just walk…..

And then there is a scripture that has been part of my life for years, “Little by little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou art fruitful, and possess the land.” Exodus 23:30.  “Little by little”….

Deuteronomy 5:33 “You shall walk in the way that the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may go well with you, and that you may live long in the land that you shall possess”.  “Walk in the ways of the Lord”….

There appears to be a lot of walking that is mentioned in the bible.   And there also appears to be some promises to gain …. 


So today closes out another year.  And I feel a little bit pressed for time, as I mentioned to a friend yesterday… Because I don’t have a “Word” yet for the New Year.  She lovingly encouraged me with … “There is still time left” …I smiled.

But you don’t understand…I still don’t have a Word.   And if you know me well enough, you know I’m going to need a Word or some  hint to this new season in my life.   I’m going to make a startling confession, I have had some Words before that were so exciting at first, but the journey that followed was not at all what I anticipated.   (That’s all I will say about that for now).  So maybe I am a little resistant.  And then I thought maybe by doing a little writing on this blog, my Word would come to me. But just in case you are wondering…it hasn’t. 🙂

However, I have been pondering one question these days. Almost every day I think about this. The question is this…”Do you believe that I work all things together for your good?”  Romans 8:28.   Hmmm.  Good question.   Makes me scratch my head.   I do believe that!  Don’t I?  But I keep hearing that question, over and over in my spirit.  For a few days now, “Do you believe that I work all things together for your good?”  The answer to that question is obviously yes … I think….well, maybe.   

The phrase that stands out to me is the words “all things”.   That means all things, the good things and the bad things. Yes, I want to believe that all things work together for my good.   I may not know “how they will work out”, or “when they will work out”, but I want to be able to say … Yes, I believe.    

So I’m not jealous (okay, well maybe a little) if you already have a Word for the new year, I am encouraged at what God is speaking into the life of others, so if you feel inclined and are willing to share your Word, please do. And if I do get one Word, instead of my question … I might share it.  Maybe 🙂

But I do look forward to a New Year of wanting to hear what the Lord says…whether it is one Word or a question.   I truly do believe that my question is just as important as one Word.   I am reminded of when Jesus repeatedly ask Peter, “Do you love me?”  Jesus knew the right question to ask.   And I believe whatever way the Lord chooses to speak to me and you…that his promises are yes and amen for us all.