Christmas this year was quite different. Because of my recent surgery, I didn’t get any shopping done, except to buy one gift. I didn’t send cards, take photos, or really eat a ton of goodies like most years. My sisters put up a small tree for us, because we just didn’t have the time. I’m not trying to sound gloomy, it just is the current situation for now.

So we haven’t hurried around to see gifts, eat meals, or visit friends and family. We have been home. Quietly enjoying hot cocoa, new blankets, cozy socks and watching movies. Friends and family played all the Santa this year, brought all the gifts, and delivered them along with some great meals … And I so enjoyed the company.

But I was again reminded, and have always known, Christmas is about family, friends, and love. Yes, love. At this time of year we think about people we love, and we want to be near them.

That’s the Spirit of Christmas. Jesus Christ coming to earth because he was thinking about the ones that He loved … And He wanted to draw near us. Emmanuel-He is with us. #hisbirth #prophecyfulfilled #whatabirthdayparty

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