The scripture reading for today is found in Job. I can honestly say if Job were not a book in the bible, it would probably not be a book that I would buy off the shelf to read. To put it mildly, Job had an unusual rough season in his life (and for a good portion of the time Job was suffering, God was silent). Oh, don’t mistaken God’s silence in this story as a sign that God was not present and listening. God is very present and listening. But Job wasn’t ‘happy’ with God’s silence. So Job grumbled, particularly about his pain (and at this point, who could blame him?). For instance in this passage Job is saying to God …

Job 13: 23 Please point out my sins, so I will know them. 24 Why have you turned your back and count me your enemy? (CEV)

First: Job wanted to know what his sins were. (WHAT?!?!?). I found that particular prayer odd. Why? Because it takes a lot of courage to ask God to point out our “sins”. So I will stop right here with this … Jesus Christ has already made provision for any and all sin in our lives. We can ask for forgiveness and the work is DONE.

Second: Job wanted to know why God had become his enemy. And a good point to make here is … Job was wrong! Just because he was living in a season of great distress and suffering, and God was quiet, his circumstances were no indication that God had become the enemy. Job’s suffering made him question whether God was for him or against him. But the truth was God was pulling for him all the time.

I can’t help but skip ahead in the story, because I have already read the end, and God comes through. There are times when circumstances are screaming louder than God, but He is ever present, ever listening and He knows! He is pulling for us.

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

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