Proverbs 25: 28 A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.

I just noticed something in this verse….  One man without self control is like a city? See Matt 5:14. To me that sounds as if the way we act … affects many.   I know you already knew that. But someone is depending on each of us to be the grown up.  Each of us are setting an example of maturity to someone else.  Lord help us all because we don’t know sometimes who that person watching may be! Self control is one of the hardest things to do.  In physical therapy, it is called resistance.   In resistance you don’t have to be the opposing force all the time, but you gain strength sometimes by sheer resistance.  Self control. Good opposition creates good tension.  I’m not talking about outrageous anger and lashing out.  But an opposing force may at times be good to flex muscles of self control. 

The little lesson for me this week was when I called to cancel my physical therapy.  My therapist agitated me a little by saying …I gave you two days off, Saturday and Sunday.  At which point, I still cancelled.  Then my sister said…you probably need to go.  So I got going, all the way back over to therapy after I had already had radiation earlier that morning.  I was tired and grumpy…lol.  Did I say I was tired?  And I was grumpy because in the beginning, they were telling me they would help me schedule my therapy time close to radiation time so I would not have to run back and forth so many times.  Well, that had not happened, I was going back and forth the first week.  I was willing to go and wanted to, but I needed some help with the schedule which I was not getting, so when they started off week two the same way…I resisted. I first said no, but then went anyway.  My therapist was surprised to see me, and quickly let me know that he was not trying to manipulate me, because I did need to listen to my body when I needed rest…BUT I had a great workout. Tough, self controlled, but great.  Trust me … I feel the pain…still.  However, after that visit, they fixed my schedule too!