I can’t help sometimes to think about the future with all the uncertainties we live in.  It can be uncertain times depending on your particular life and circumstances.  Personally having spent a lot of time in the doctors’ office, I have seen uncertain times myself.  My first reaction is … fear, fear of the unknown and fear of the future.  But somewhere in there I have to consider how my faith plays a part in this, and one thing I try to remind myself is, that when there are things that are uncertain, it is certainly a time for God. Uncertain times call for my faith to be certain on looking to Jesus.  When I am uncertain, there is nothing that He is uncertain about.  When I am fearful, there is nothing that he is fearful about.  When I am discouraged, there is nothing that he is discouraged about.  When I am anxious, there is nothing that he is anxious about.  

It reminds me of 9/11.  Like most of us, I remember 9/11, like it was yesterday.  I was distraught, confused, and downright scared. But I remember going out on the front of the church steps (I was working there at the time) and just sitting down and staring up into the big blue sky.  I just remember thinking to myself, that I had never lived in a world like this before … The world seemed so big and scary that day.   But I will never forget the sense of just how big God is compared to our little world.   It seemed like the first time for me that I realized that God holds all things in his hands, and they are never beyond his understanding, and his control.  God became so big to me that day.  

And He continues to remind me that He is a big God.  He is with me … And He is with you.                Proverbs 18:10. “The name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe.”