Over the Christmas holidays this year, I have enjoyed some good food, family fun, and fellowship with friends.  All the while, not forgetting the reason behind the season.  It’s really not about the gift giving, although we enjoy new things.  It’s really not about all the food, although it taste so very good.  And I feel like I don’t need to state the obvious, but it is about the Savior of our life begin born.  

So it is with every day as well.  Each morning, his mercies are new, and we have new opportunities to experience Jesus Christ in our lives.   We may not notice them as much , but they are still there.  Yesterday, we visited the nursing home only because my mom’s roommate, Ms. Madee is still there.  And my uncle now resides there.  Some of my family had already been to see Madee and brought her gifts and decorated her room.  But it was still special because Madee loved my mom like a sister.  We laughed as we talked about how mom once told us that when she got ready to go to heaven, she was going to take Madee with her.  Looking over at Madee that day, she was shaking her head as if to say ….   I’m not going just yet.   We still laugh to this day, because mom had Madee worried that she and mom would be ‘checking out’ together. Since then, Frances has had to reassure Madee more than once that as powerful of a woman as mom was, and she was powerful, that was not something within her control.  And almost a year later, Madee is still here smiling and laughing with us.  And come to think of it … I don’t know anything about Madee and her life before she became mom’s roommate.  What makes Ms. Madee so special is her relationship to mom.

Which is exactly what I’ve been thinking during these holidays … about Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She is highly esteemed because of the role she was chosen to play in history.  But I don’t know if there is very much known of her before she came on the scene to be the mother  of Jesus.  

And that is so the story of our Savior.  Once he comes on the scenes of our lives, our lives change, and the former life no longer remains.  How interesting that he started erasing histories and transforming futures with the very first person that he touched on this earth … Mary.   Luke 2:5-7.