Tonight I was reviewing some notes that I made from a little proverb that reads like this …”The lot is cast into the lap, But it’s every decision is from the Lord.” #proverbs16:33 #amplified.

The interesting thing to me about this proverbs was not an original idea, but what the footnotes read in the commentary.   The commentary brought to light that the last time ‘casting lots’ was mentioned in the bible, was in the books of Acts when a replacement for Judas was chosen, Matthias.  Apparently casting lots was some sort of ritual of the times.   It’s sort of like drawing straws or in today’s terms, flipping a coin.  In the New Testament, they cast lots for Jesus’ garments at his crucifixion.  Even in the Old Testament, Jonah was tossed from the ship, by casting lots.  

But here was what caught my eye in the commentary notes … After Acts 2, the Holy Spirit came … and there was no more mention of casting lots.    We know now that the Holy Spirit came to give us guidance, wisdom, and understanding.  No need to make decisions by throwing caution to the wind any longer.   No tossing the coin, heads or tails, rolling the dice, or drawing the short end of the stick.

And yes, sometimes an unexpected lot is cast into our life. But it’s not unexpected by Him. And sometimes it’s  because we made bad choices, and sometimes we made good choices and still somethings happen.  No need in trying to figure it all out, even though we try.  Because right in the middle of that proverb is a “but”.    But now…we have the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. But now…we have the Lord to help us.  But now, Jesus has ascended and left us his Spirit.   

I am reminded that even in the void and darkness of Genesis chapter 1 … the Spirit moved, and God spoke … and all these wonderful things were created out of the darkness.  So,  I guess you just have to ask yourself … Out of what appears to be dark places or situations that have been cast into your lap … What is the next move of the Spirit creating ‘in and around’ you?  #justathought.  #creator.