I was walking the other day, around a small pond, when I noticed a bird flying above me.  He caught my attention only because he wasn’t flapping his wings to fly.  He was just gliding through the air.  Effortlessly.  I don’t think I have ever stopped to notice a bird just riding on the wind, in that manner.  As I stopped and pointed it out to another person, she said that she was pretty sure it was an eagle.

So I just stood there, amazed at how beautiful it was.  But I was more impressed with its ability to just glide through the sky without very much effort of its own.  By now, you already know where I am headed with this… the passage from Isaiah 40:31 “mounting up with wings as eagles” comes to mind.

Like you…

I’ve read it for myself on paper many times, in the bible.

I’ve listened to it preached many times, from the pulpit.

I’ve heard people quote it many times, in the ministry.

But now I’ve seen it.

I have a first-hand, eye witness version of what that passage means.  What a difference it made for me – to see the work and the Word of God played out in real time.

Right now as I am writing these words, I really don’t remember what kind of day I was having (because it was probably rough in some spots), or how I was feeling that day (because I was probably  tired) or what might have been going wrong (because as you know – there is always something).  The only thing I remember that day was

… that eagle

… that blue sky

… and those wings.

… and I just stood there, gazing up.

That day, God gave me his Word from a new version of the bible … EWV (the eye-witness version).