So today closes out another year.  And I feel a little bit pressed for time, as I mentioned to a friend yesterday… Because I don’t have a “Word” yet for the New Year.  She lovingly encouraged me with … “There is still time left” …I smiled.

But you don’t understand…I still don’t have a Word.   And if you know me well enough, you know I’m going to need a Word or some  hint to this new season in my life.   I’m going to make a startling confession, I have had some Words before that were so exciting at first, but the journey that followed was not at all what I anticipated.   (That’s all I will say about that for now).  So maybe I am a little resistant.  And then I thought maybe by doing a little writing on this blog, my Word would come to me. But just in case you are wondering…it hasn’t. 🙂

However, I have been pondering one question these days. Almost every day I think about this. The question is this…”Do you believe that I work all things together for your good?”  Romans 8:28.   Hmmm.  Good question.   Makes me scratch my head.   I do believe that!  Don’t I?  But I keep hearing that question, over and over in my spirit.  For a few days now, “Do you believe that I work all things together for your good?”  The answer to that question is obviously yes … I think….well, maybe.   

The phrase that stands out to me is the words “all things”.   That means all things, the good things and the bad things. Yes, I want to believe that all things work together for my good.   I may not know “how they will work out”, or “when they will work out”, but I want to be able to say … Yes, I believe.    

So I’m not jealous (okay, well maybe a little) if you already have a Word for the new year, I am encouraged at what God is speaking into the life of others, so if you feel inclined and are willing to share your Word, please do. And if I do get one Word, instead of my question … I might share it.  Maybe 🙂

But I do look forward to a New Year of wanting to hear what the Lord says…whether it is one Word or a question.   I truly do believe that my question is just as important as one Word.   I am reminded of when Jesus repeatedly ask Peter, “Do you love me?”  Jesus knew the right question to ask.   And I believe whatever way the Lord chooses to speak to me and you…that his promises are yes and amen for us all.