So today closes out another year.  And I feel a little bit pressed for time, as I mentioned to a friend yesterday… Because I don’t have a “Word” yet for the New Year.  She lovingly encouraged me with … “There is still time left” …I smiled.

But you don’t understand…I still don’t have a Word.   And if you know me well enough, you know I’m going to need a Word or some  hint to this new season in my life.   I’m going to make a startling confession, I have had some Words before that were so exciting at first, but the journey that followed was not at all what I anticipated.   (That’s all I will say about that for now).  So maybe I am a little resistant.  And then I thought maybe by doing a little writing on this blog, my Word would come to me. But just in case you are wondering…it hasn’t. 🙂

However, I have been pondering one question these days. Almost every day I think about this. The question is this…”Do you believe that I work all things together for your good?”  Romans 8:28.   Hmmm.  Good question.   Makes me scratch my head.   I do believe that!  Don’t I?  But I keep hearing that question, over and over in my spirit.  For a few days now, “Do you believe that I work all things together for your good?”  The answer to that question is obviously yes … I think….well, maybe.   

The phrase that stands out to me is the words “all things”.   That means all things, the good things and the bad things. Yes, I want to believe that all things work together for my good.   I may not know “how they will work out”, or “when they will work out”, but I want to be able to say … Yes, I believe.    

So I’m not jealous (okay, well maybe a little) if you already have a Word for the new year, I am encouraged at what God is speaking into the life of others, so if you feel inclined and are willing to share your Word, please do. And if I do get one Word, instead of my question … I might share it.  Maybe 🙂

But I do look forward to a New Year of wanting to hear what the Lord says…whether it is one Word or a question.   I truly do believe that my question is just as important as one Word.   I am reminded of when Jesus repeatedly ask Peter, “Do you love me?”  Jesus knew the right question to ask.   And I believe whatever way the Lord chooses to speak to me and you…that his promises are yes and amen for us all.

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  1. jamie lopez says:

    Perhaps your question is indeed your word. I spent the entire year of 2014 with John 15:4, learning what it truly meant to abide in Him.

    Perhaps this year you are to focus and wrestle with what you really believe about that verse. I’ll admit, that’s a tough one! Maybe you’ll wrestle with it until you can truly say, “Yes, I believe!”. Wrestling with God is a life changing thing. Jacob wrestled with God until he got the blessing he wanted, and God called him by a new name.

    I will pray for you, my friend, to know what direction the Lord wants you to go this year. For now, keep pondering that question. I want to hear your strong answer of faith when you’ve reached your decision! 😀

  2. Judy says:

    My word is that I can do All things through Christ who strengthens me. Nothing is impossible with God. He knew us before we were even conceived and had a plan for our life. So Sis never stop believing no matter what the circumstances. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us but will go with us to the end. KEEP THE FAITH ❗He is working out everything for our good in his perfect time.

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