Recently I bought a rug.  Just a rug to catch my feet every morning.   A rug to make my morning flight into the day, a little softer.  In fact, to tell you the truth, when I went shopping, I wasn’t even shopping for a rug.  However, I did know that every morning when my feet hit the cold hard floor, I needed something to brace me for the day ahead.  So I pulled up to a place that sold rugs….and there it was.  On top of the pile, of course.  And the clincher was … yellow.  Bright, deep yellow.   Very impressive.  The kind that pops out of the stack of all the others.    So because I am so analytical….I said to myself, surely I can find a rug like this somewhere else.   I’d like to know all my options before committing to this one rug.   And then the searching began.   I’ll not bore you with the details, except that several hours later, with aching feet and legs exhausted, I called the owner back and said….I want that yellow rug.

You see, I knew what I wanted – the minute I stepped out of the car and I laid my eyes on it.  But I am accustomed to searching out options, mulling over things, weighing in on the pros and cons, exhausting all resources…..then I can make a decision.  (sometimes this process is not bad depending on what it is I’m doing).  However – let’s be real.  This was a rug!

So the salesman was talking me through it, and I said….I love the rug.  The caution is that I’m not sure that it will match the wall color of the room.  He kindly offered to let me take it home for free, first, and check the color, and return it if it didn’t match.  I laughed and replied….”You’re a good saleman!  You know if I take this home, I’m not going to bring it back, I’ll just buy it” and we laughed.  But I told him that I thought the color was too deep and too bold to match the color of the room.   It was beautiful, but it was too dark of a yellow.  And he said, ‘well that’s easy, the way this rug is made, the shade of yellow looks different, depending on where you are standing.  And he flipped the rug around, and sure enough….there was a lighter more subtle shade of yellow.  Perfect.

I bought the rug.   My feet thanked me this morning when they softly hit the floor.  I’m happy that I bought not any rug – but this rug.  It’s classy and beautiful.  I smile when I see the yellow rug.  You get the point.

But the real point is this…. Doesn’t life look different when you take the time to look at it from another angle, and not just another angle, but someone else’s perspective.   If the color of life is looking a little too bold right now ….change your position.  Or at the least, listen to another perspective.  Sometimes it helps to not walk away without taking another look from a different angle.

You know that a lot of days in life, can hand us real tough decisions, that require much more than deciding what color of rug to buy.  Let’s be real – I’m really not talking about the rug at all.  I’m talking about allowing other people to add a little perspective to your situation or circumstance.  And by all means, if you don’t like the rug – then don’t buy it.  But we can always listen to another perspective and let it shine a light onto our own situations.   Life may look a little softer from a different angle.

Because life is tough.

We all need people to help cushion the weight of those tough days.

And sometimes we don’t always get the rug that we want….

And sometimes we do!

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