As I sit and stare at the computer screen, enjoying marsh mellows with a little cocoa at the bottom … I see one thing, a blank page.   It’s white … it has nothing on it … it’s void of any thing … it’s blank.

Of course I can’t help but think of the day when we first began to accept our walk with the Lord.  In the church world, we called that – the day we were saved.  The day when God looked at your sins – and saw that His Son, Jesus had wiped the page clean.   Do you remember?  The first time that you felt the tug on your soul.  The first time you knew there was someone, not just anyone, but Jesus, who loved you.

As I look back over my own walk…I’m afraid, that over time, things – people – places – ideas – tragedy – arguments – crisis – careers – loss of loved one – grief – sadness – houses – cars – money – church – (and you can go on and on), have filled up our empty tanks, leaving Jesus near the bottom somewhere.  You understand … leaving Jesus at the bottom – where we found Him!

You remember.  You may have asked Jesus to come into your life at a very young age.   Many do because at a young age our spirits and souls are pure and less polluted with all those things.  But chances are, if you were not young, then something in your life (see the above list) brought you to a place where you were at the bottom.  That’s where we find Him.  At the bottom.   If you have never come to the bottom… (I’ll move on quickly).

But at the bottom – life is pretty dim.  Very little light is there.  That’s why it is often there that we meet Jesus.  He becomes the very light – sometimes the only light that pierces that space of darkness.

We are more open and vulnerable to his invitation to the life that He offers – from the bottom.  What comes next is that He allows us to walk through all the things of this life with Him.  He doesn’t want to stay at the bottom.  He takes us by the hand, and begins to help us with … the things – people – places – ideas – tragedy – arguments – crisis – careers – loss of loved one – grief – sadness – houses – cars – money – church.

We no longer walk alone.  He is there.  He is where you are today.

Someone is reading this today thinking…

I remember a long time ago.

I remember when I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

I remember that feeling, knowing that He was going to take care of me.

I remember enjoying learning about Him and having a child like faith – that with Him, everything was going to be alright.

I remember feeling free.

I remember feeling joy.

I remember.

But maybe now, I have lost those things in my life.

Is it possible that along the way – you left Him.

Somewhere near the bottom of that long list.

It’s sad to think about.

But there is good news.

As I write these words – there is still hope for you.

The good news is that Jesus is still there.

Right where you are today.

His hand is still stretched out to you.

He’s willing to pick you right back up.

The good news is – if you haven’t hit bottom yet – you don’t have too.

Jesus is the Redeemer.

The Restorer.

The Rescuer.

The Reviver.

The Resurrection.

Take His hand again.  Do it today.  Today is the day of salvation.  Place your hand in His.  Tell him that you may have left Him along the way, but today is the day of your salvation.   Look at it this way.  All that Jesus is and all that He has, He offers to those who follow Him.

You remember…He didn’t last very long in the tomb.

You remember…The grave could not hold Him.

You remember….The tomb was not His final resting place.

You remember…He was resurrected.

So what He has – it is yours today.

Resurrection can come to your life today.

Resurrection can come to your home today.

Resurrection can come to your marriage today.

Resurrection can come to your crisis today.

Resurrection can come to your finances today.

Resurrection can come to your family today.

Resurrection can come to your job today.

Resurrection can come to your health today.

Resurrection can come to your friends today.

Resurrection can come to your church today.

It’s who He is – no need to wait a moment longer to give Him your life.

This is your life.

Today is your day.

Oh…and don’t forget about that blank page….as you can see from this post… when God sees a blank page – He’s also very capable of filling it with good things!  So it will be with your life.  Filled with the good things that God has for you.  And if you think He can’t make good from all the bad…just wait and see.   I dare you.



“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom ….” Proverbs 4:7KJV
This morning during a very brief devotion, this passage popped into my mind.  In fact, it’s not the first time that I have wondered about this passage.  Let me try to be brief about this….
As I turn on my radio (youtube), my smart TV, my laptop, my tablet, my phone….I am bombarded with information.  Tons of information.  Leaking in on every corner of life.  Today we live in a world that is on overload. An overload of all kind of information.  Things that were never even mentioned behind closed doors while I was growing up, are now discussed everywhere, anytime.  Everyday.  All day.    And today at the swipe of a finger, we can find out anything and everything about so many people.  People.  Lots of people.  And information.  Lots of information.
And I understand that we live in an age of information…lots of information.
But what about wisdom?
And are they the same thing?
Possibly not.
Information is in abundance
Wisdom on the other hand ….maybe not.
Information is fast and furious.
Wisdom is slow … and takes time and work
Information gives us the headlines
Wisdom gives us the foundation
Information is not good or bad.  Information is not against you, nor for you.
Wisdom on the other hand…will guard you, watch over you and honor you (see verses 6-8).
So here’s just a thought while we’re all scrolling through tons of information, ask yourself “where is the wisdom in this?”