“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom ….” Proverbs 4:7KJV
This morning during a very brief devotion, this passage popped into my mind.  In fact, it’s not the first time that I have wondered about this passage.  Let me try to be brief about this….
As I turn on my radio (youtube), my smart TV, my laptop, my tablet, my phone….I am bombarded with information.  Tons of information.  Leaking in on every corner of life.  Today we live in a world that is on overload. An overload of all kind of information.  Things that were never even mentioned behind closed doors while I was growing up, are now discussed everywhere, anytime.  Everyday.  All day.    And today at the swipe of a finger, we can find out anything and everything about so many people.  People.  Lots of people.  And information.  Lots of information.
And I understand that we live in an age of information…lots of information.
But what about wisdom?
And are they the same thing?
Possibly not.
Information is in abundance
Wisdom on the other hand ….maybe not.
Information is fast and furious.
Wisdom is slow … and takes time and work
Information gives us the headlines
Wisdom gives us the foundation
Information is not good or bad.  Information is not against you, nor for you.
Wisdom on the other hand…will guard you, watch over you and honor you (see verses 6-8).
So here’s just a thought while we’re all scrolling through tons of information, ask yourself “where is the wisdom in this?”

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