Today is New Year’s Day.  As always, I start with every intent on having a solid “word” for the year.  And I hope I don’t dissappoint by saying, it is now late in the evening, and that “Word” has not yet come to me.   

I did however skim over the scriptures in Genesis 1, in search of the perfect “Word”.    Yes, I did skim!  Don’t judge.   But while skimming the chapter in the New Century Version I noticed these word repeated throughout…

Genesis 1….”Evening passed, and morning came.”

Every time there was a new day …. “Evening passed, and morning came.”

Then God worked something else new ….then “Evening passed, and morning came.”

Then God created something else new … then “Evening passed, and morning came.”

Then God spoke something new into existence….then “Evening passed, and morning came.” 

Day after day without fail.  “Evening passed, and morning came.”

The year behind me had many unexpected twists and turns.  Going into 2017, I didn’t know what that year would hold.   I’ve laughed some days, but then…Evening passed, and morning came.  And I’ve cried some days, but then …. Evening passed, and morning came.  I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.

Whatever this year holds…let’s face it, the future remains unseen.  But 2018, we have new chapters to write about on 365 clean, blank pages.   God is just getting started.  And He is so creative.   And His mercies are new every morning.   

Evening will pass, and morning will come.   You can count on it.  (Goodnight, and Happy New Year.)