I was enjoying a little worship music tonight at home….lights were out, wayyyyy past my bedtime…but things were quiet and still, and I could sense an overwhelming calm and nudging from the Lord.  Not sure that we really use words like this anymore…. but I clearly could sense the Spirit.  

I heard the words…. The enemy is fighting to make you believe that the plans that God once had for your life….has been aborted.   That it’s over.  But God’s plans have not been aborted.    Before the beginning of time, He set in motion all that would be.   And we can follow Him, lean on Him and believe Him, trusting that even those things that were wrong…He will make them right.   #Godisable  #devilisaliar  

PS….one more thing…..If you’ve had a lot of “wrongs” happen in your lifetime…..can you imagine all the “rights” God has planned for your future.   

He is able to do exceedingly …. (I’m sure you know the rest). 

I really feel like this is for someone other than myself today.



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