“What if” …

What if … Today, right where you … God has called you to be there

What if … The chaos around you is the force that pushes you closer to hearing God’s voice

What if … In this world we will have trouble

What if … We can be encouraged, Christ has already overcome this world.

What if … The turmoil around you is needed to push you to a higher place

What if … At your place of confusion, God speaks peace

What if … In the darkness, God calls you to be light

What if … The enemy stands back and laughs at you

What if … The God you serve stands with you to slay him

What if … The enemy thinks he has cornered you

What if … The God that you serves has cornered the enemy

What if … God stands in the open and calls you to Be Free

What if … You could shut the mouth of the enemy

What if … You already knew that at the cross Jesus already did!

What if … You could step out on turbulent water and walk

What if … You already knew that Jesus already has!

What if … You could rise up from your trials

What if … You knew that – out of  the tomb – Jesus already has!

What if … The weapons of our warfare are not of this carnal flesh

What if … Our weapons are mighty through God

What if … Our weapons pull down strongholds

What if … The voice of God calls you to move forward

What if … That calling cannot be taken away

What if … You have received a Word from God

What if … The Word cannot be shaken

What if … The Lord doesn’t expect you to fight your battle alone

What if … He has given you the power to be an Overcomer

What if … He has already turned your night into day

What if … He has already called your healing to the forefront

What if … He has made every crooked path straight before you.

What if … He calls everything that you do to be fruitful and multiply

What if … No weapon formed against you will prosper

What if … Every tongue that rises against you will be condemned.

What if … He has called you for such a time as this.



One thought on “What.if

  1. Judi Dorman says:

    Very good Candy. Look forward to more .

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