I’m writing tonight on the heels of a weekend full of hurricane warnings, updates and massive flooding throughout our Carolinas.   Many with trees down and without electricity.   Interesting enough it was just 7 days ago we were in the very same area of the beach for a few days, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  Calm ocean water, plenty of sunshine and  people relaxing and resting.   And it all changed in a matter of a few days.   

I started to blog on Friday…right before the storm.  But I have learned as it goes with storms … you don’t know exactly what is going to happen. 

But all weekend I was reminded of a little passage in Matthew 14 … Where we see Jesus sending his disciples out into a boat, to go ahead of Him, to the other side.  And I might want to mention that they also went without Him.    A boat, a few men, an ocean, the waves, the wind … and no Jesus.

This actually sounds like they were being set up for failure, if you ask me.

I can’t help but wonder if these men were just as fearful, as some of us were on Friday.  With our tv’s blasting..the storm is coming…the storm is coming…fear sets in.

But what about these men in this boat…and no Jesus.  What happens when the storm is great, and the wind is fierce, and the waves are high … And there is no sign of Jesus.   Fear grips, hearts pound, and tears run.  Yes, life hands us storms.  An open ocean, with big waves, howling high winds, and a little boat.   

What to do?

I think everyone does respond differently. There’s a huge part of me that wants to say … Get out of that boat and walk on the open waters…like Peter.  But today I want to bring light to what happened right before the water walking miracle.   

We see that Peter tested the waters (so to speak) by asking …. “Lord, if this is you”…   Let’s face it … He saw a ghost walking on the water … 

And so he tested the spirit?  

Maybe you’re thinking…who would dare to test Jesus? Peter wasn’t!   

He was making sure it was Jesus!   

And as we see … Jesus did not rebuke him.   I’m not into open rebellion by testing God.   But Jesus allowed Peter the grace needed to ask the question … Lord, is this you?  And Jesus answers.

1 John 4 mentions something similar, but we rarely talk about it.   “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.  By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God…”   Test, so that you can know the Spirit of God.

I need to stop right here for today.   But let me say this.   Jesus allowed Peter to test and see that He was the Lord.  The water walking, storm calming, Jesus Christ, who Peter knew in human flesh.  

But that ocean, with those waves and winds … allowed Peter to meet Jesus Christ in the Spirit.  Remember, they saw a ghost coming toward them.  

And Jesus Christ, in the supernatural  … did something supernatural … He walked on water (and something supernatural happened for Peter).

Today, if you face your own storm … Trust the grace of Jesus to ask all the questions that you need to ask. And when you do … Know that Jesus is more than willing to meet you on your waves.

Walking on water isn’t the goal … Knowing Jesus, the water walker is!

Oh, and by the way, I do believe that on that day, the Lord gave those disciples a glimpse of a ghost….

The Holy Ghost.

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