Is your diffuser on?  Do you own one?  If so, what scent does it spray into the air?  The more I use mine, the more I notice that diffusers are a lot like people.

Have you ever been in a room and someone walked in with a not so great attitude and really stunk up the place?  Have you ever been that stinking person? (Humor me, Because I have).   That’s why the diffuser industry sales are over one billion dollars and expected to double in the next few years.  That tells me there are some Stinkers in this world.  And as it stands … the industry is counting on the number of Stinkers to double!

Maybe I should have invested in two.  

So, the question for today is…if you were a diffuser, what scent do you think you would “put off”?  Would it be bold?  Would it be clean? Would it be pungent?  Would it be light?  Would it be airy?  Would it be lovely?   Would it be pure?    Would it be humorous?   Would it be quite?   Would it be loud?   Would it be obnoxious?   Would it be clamorous?  Would it be rude?  Would it be gentle?  

Would you be cleaning up the air…or stinking up the air?

Just something to think about today.  I’m sure we’ve all given off our share of aromas at different times in our life.   No need to shame you, we’re all human.  So I guess I’ll have to keep my diffuser going, to help me keep calm, cool and collective.

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