So I squirreled away a few minutes to read and write today…and in my reading, the author made a point that went some thing like this….what Jesus did on this earth, he did in a manner that was quiet.  If he  performed miracles…he requested that the person with the miracle….keep quite and keep it to themselves.  I’m paraphrasing of course.

This is so unlike the world we live in today….everybody “knows” everything.  A little discretion could go a long way in our favor.

My thought is this… When Jesus was on earth, He was on mission to do the Father’s will. He was trying to keep on mission and stay on point…..So that we might be saved.

The more people who knew He could work miracles…the more people would want him to just work miracles.  He would have been known as just a prophet who could work miracles.  Because even the prophets worked miracles.  Jesus’ mission was one thing that HE  alone could do….Save us!   His mission was salvation.   He wasn’t just about teaching, or prophecying or working miracles.  He came to save us.  And his Father set Him up to be the one and only one that could Save.  There is only one that can save.

The bible states that there are other gods…lesser gods.  The difference is this  … they cannot ‘save you for an eternity in heaven.’

They can lead you into eternity.  That’s right.  But where?  You have to ask yourself, if I follow you (lesser.god) what does the future look like….and what does eternity look like?

I assure you I’m not trying to be as smart as the serious bible scholars of today about the big topics like heaven and hell… I don’t have all the answers. And remember …. I’m just ‘working  out my salvation”.   I’m just thinking things through today …. about this one God that we have and his Son.

So I’ll wrap it up quickly….

My point today is this……

I’m glad HE stayed on point!

HE accomplished something, no one else can…. salvation. #john3:16

My disclaimer….and my reason for staying quiet is this….I still may be a very poor testimony of all the goodness that Christ has done and continues to do in my life.  He is awesome.  (Words don’t do Him justice)


Proverbs 21:23 Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.

Ouch….that hurts….but it sure does explain alot.  If I can just remember …. Silence speaks volumes.  Silence in a room is so much louder than just a noisey room.