Recently I was in the grocery store buying some fruit; cherries to be exact. I grabbed a bag, quickly inspected them, and went on with the rest of my grocery shopping. Even though the cherries were a little pricey, I bought them because I thought they were worth it. Every day, I would grab a few pieces, usually in a hurry, and enjoy them on the run. However, one morning, something happened. When I reached in the bag, I noticed one piece was moldy. So I stopped and decided to check the rest of the bag.   

     I got out the colander and started sorting the cherries. Of course, that “one” was not the only one with mold. So, I started tossing the bad ones and the others that appeared to be going bad.   

     Enough with the cherry story … right? Not just yet. I took time to wash them all, just in case there was leftover mold stuck to the good ones that I couldn’t see. By now, this had turned into a 15-minute project of washing and cleaning fruit. Why? Because I enjoy them and, they were expensive. 

Why does this matter? 

     Without noticing it, the busy world that we live in rubs up against us. It rubs up against our spirit. It rubs up against our mind. It rubs up against who we are. So every day it leaves a little imprint of its mold somewhere on us like lint on our clothes. It can even happen overnight. We pick it up at the grocery store, at the restaurant, at work, or the gas station. And yes, if we’re not careful, we can even pick it up at church. Yes, God forbid, but it can happen. We all carry a little mold with us wherever we go. I hope you are not offended that I point this out, because I struggle with it myself.      

   If we read the bible, we know that at the end of time, judgement comes to separate. This will be forever. However, that time has not happened yet. We have a great advantage to this moment of grace that we live in. We have time, especially for a little washing. The enemy is trying to tell you that you are too busy to care about a little mold. Do not believe him. He is lying to you.   

What can we do?

     So today, take a little time to wash off the fruit. You know, the fruit that the Spirit has given you. Wash off that speck of mold from your mind today – be fresh. Wash off that speck of mold from your spirit today – be free. Wash off that speck of mold from your clothes today – be clean. Tidy things up a little. You will be so glad you did. We all know how to do this. Take a minute to look up a scripture and let it wash over and cleanse your mind today.   

Your prayer can make a difference.

   Say a quick prayer for somebody. Or better yet, say a quick prayer for yourself. Even the smallest prayer makes a difference. Remember, with Jesus a little usually goes a long way (Fishes and Loaves, John 6:10-13). A little fresh water cleans us all up. It gives us a little more shine. It makes us a little more pleasant. It gives us a better fragrance. Isn’t this the kind of fruit you want? I know I do. Yes, it is more pleasant, tasteful, and enjoyable, without all of the mold. Oh, and by the way, good fruit is expensive. It costs. It comes with a price tag. Just ask the man who paid for it….His name is Jesus. He thought you were worth it!

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