It’s been a while since I’ve shared, but I feel the nudge too. I am reminded that God’s promises are true.  God is not a man and He cannot lie. God is also not limited to our time. He set time in place, the sun, the moon, the stars, the seasons. But He is completely free to work outside of our limitations. Hold onto the promises of God. He has no limit. He only wants us to join Him in the journey. I feel Him stirring, things I prayed about years ago are coming back into my spirit. I’m being reminded of people in my life who have at one time or another made a positive impact on who I am today. God will work things out for the good. Know that while you fight your fight, He’s fighting behind the scenes … And His victory will be greater than your battle. His power will be greater than your suffering. His anointing will be greater than your trial. His blessing will be greater than your loss. And His blood will be greater than your sin. His spirit will be greater than weakness. His joy will replace your despair. His peace will replace your confusion. His strength will replace your shortcomings, and His love will replace your longing.
Signing off and sending you love from home tonight. 💗