Have you recently found yourself thinking about your future or suffering from angst because of the current headlines in our world?   Do you find yourself getting frustrated or emotional at the drop of the hat?   I’m hoping someone is honest enough to say, yes….I am.  The truth is, so am I!

When I was younger I had a “happy go lucky” outlook on life.  Life was fun and I was carefree.  Then LIFE happened… to me.  I wasn’t just observing it any more, I was caught in the middle of it.  Some days were hard, rough, and painful.  But not always.  I have very fond memories of people and places that made me feel safe.

I remember as a child, if I had a runny nose or an ear infection, mom would take me to the doctors …. who, by the way, knew me by name.  Doctors knew my name, and my family, and probably most of my friends.  There were only four doctors in my town, and they knew everyone, and they knew everything about everyone.  It was a safe place for me. A place where I trusted the experts to take care of sickness….and they did.  There weren’t so many opinions and options then. People really mattered.

One story stands out in particular about a wonderful doctor I had until I graduated from high school.  I was headed out for a checkup, old enough to drive myself, and my mom slipped a note in my shirt pocket.  When I ask her what it was for, she told me to give it to the doctor so he could go over everything on her list.  

Well….I was a big girl by now, taking myself to the doctor, and before I made it to his office, I had already decided that I was NOT going to give him a note from my mom!   How embarrassing would that be? Surely I can take care of this myself.

So I went, and when the doctor came in, I never mentioned the note in my shirt pocket.  During the normal routine, he checked my eyes, ears, and nose and just about the time I opened my mouth to say  AHHHH….he saw the note.  He takes it out of my pocket with a quick witted ….”What do we have here?  Let’s see what mom sent me?”
I could have fallen over in the floor.   How in the world did he see that note?  I was so embarrassed.  But it was too late.  So he goes over the checklist from mom.

Now that is a funny story today, but it wasn’t so funny when I was trying to be all independent and grown up.  
I survived, but I’ve been reminded lately that much hasn’t changed.  I’m still that young girl, sitting in a world of people that seem to be much smarter than I am, more confident, wealthier, you know….the cool kids who run with the “in crowd”.  I thought I would eventually outgrow that feeling, but I’m still here, trying to act all adult and smart… with a parent’s note tucked in my pocket. 

Truth is, we all do it, and we do it, all the time.   We hide our insecurities in our pockets, hoping no one will notice, as we act all calm, cool and collective.

But I have learned a little since that day.  I now know that there is a Great Physician. And The Great Physician already knows.  He knows everything on the list that He sees tucked in my pocket and your pocket, or tucked away deep in your heart.  I like the fact that He’s the smartest guy in the room.  He knows everyone, and He knows everything about everyone.  With Him, I feel safe.  With Him, I feel secure.  With Him, I feel taken care of.   With Him, I feel loved.   

I like how these few words say so much! Romans 15:33 sums it up  “The God of peace be with you all. Amen.”  It’s comforting to know the peace of God. But what a deeper joy, to know the God of the peace.