October is always a reminder that women and men…. need to take a little extra care of themselves because it is Breast Cancer Awareness. This may be the only time I mention this all year, but please be reminded to go for your examinations. Cancer is cruel. It’s a tough enemy to fight. I will go a step further this year to say, in my own words…that even the bible says that we should…..Be Alert!!!! You need God in these kinds of battles. You have an enemy, the devil, who is basically, just roaming about trying to find someone to devour. He causes trouble for us all. But don’t get the story twisted, God is not trying to punish you. HE gives us wisdom and insight to go on the offense and take action. Be Alert! Your God does not slumber nor sleep.

The devil is sly. He’s smart. But He’s not the smartest man I know….God is! During these times, let’s be sober and diligent to take care of ourselves. These past two years have been more than enough of a reminder. My prayers goes out to all those who are in this fight. Keep fighting! I pray God go before you and make every crooked path straight, and push every devil back where it belongs. May God’s grace and favor cover you, and may you conquer every place your foot has to step.

Become a Survivor

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