Recently in my story in Boring.Bookstores, I mentioned a young girl, tattooed all over, dressed in black, with a stack of books in her hand on the topic of tarot cards.

I engaged in a brief conversation. Here’s why? I felt the need to help someone who appeared to be heading in the wrong direction. By that I mean, all the books on tarot cards. So I asked about her interest in the subject. She said she loved those type of books when looking for direction in her life.

She seemed sweet, and was not confrontational at all. Her guard was down and she appeared to be comfortable with my asking. So I very gently said I noticed right behind her was the selection of books on religion and spirituality. And I’m sure she might like to take a look at the books in that section as well. She said, “oh thank you.”

That was it. I felt relieved. I felt like I had pointed her in the right direction. I didn’t make the decision for her, but I had said enough. I went to walk away, and she said “I hope you have a nice day”. It made me smile.

One thought on “Girl.with.Tattoos

  1. hsbsdb5199 says:

    Candy, I am so glad that you had the opportunity to plant a seed in the heart of this fellow Human, made in the very image of God and created by Him to love Him. Aren’t we all so very thankful for the seed that God has planted in our lives through people that were only, “being Jesus with skin on.” Steph, Jesse Lee and I love you and appreciate your friendhip as a very treasured Gift from God. Your eternal friend -homer

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